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Get to know Tiffani Ray

Project Manager

Who is Tiffani Ray?

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Tiffani helps empower others through real estate investment.  Tiffani is a seasoned real estate investor with over 30 years of experience owning and managing various properties around Greater Cincinnati. With an extensive background in mortgage default banking, she has a knack for handling complex financial situations and finding unique solutions to address the needs of her clients.

How is Tiffani involved in the real estate community?

Tiffani currently serves as the President of the Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati.  

Tiffani's Bio

Tiffani Ray is a dynamic and visionary real estate professional, dedicated to transforming the way people experience buying and selling homes. As the founder and owner of Ray of Hope Realty Services, Tiffani has built a reputation for her integrity, personalized service, and innovative approach to real estate.


Tiffani is a Cincinnati native with 30 years of real estate investing.  She owns single-family, multi-family, commercial, licensed adult care facilities and shared housing communities throughout the Greater Cincinnati region.  Tiffani has rehabbed several homes and has documented hundreds of hours of training by nationally renowned experts covering a variety of real estate asset classes and strategies. 


Tiffani is an active Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati (R.E.I.A.G.C) member.  Tiffani currently serves as the President of R.E.I.A.G.C.  She has served as the chair of various committees and led dedicated focus groups.  Tiffani shares her breadth of wisdom by speaking at national and regional conferences.  

Tiffani has an extensive career in Mortgage Default Banking where she has spent over 32 years working for top tier banks and mortgage servicers throughout the United States.  In her various roles in banking, she has managed teams of employees across 5 sites and developed extensive expertise in navigating complex financial and legal landscapes.  Her work has allowed her to hone her strategic problem-solving and client advocacy skills, further enhancing her ability to support clients through challenging transactions. 

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